Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to tease your daughter...

Every time I watch this quick clip of video I laugh out-loud. It's fun in the snow, and much of it is at my daughter's expense. I think you can see that there is no greater joy (in my opinion) than that which comes from torturing your kid. :)

These are a few favorites from a (fairly) recent session at the beach. It preceded the parent's 50th anniversary celebration. Fifty years - that's impressive! I had to shoot earlier in the day than I would have preferred, but we still got some great images.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Senior Portrait Session - Jonathan

These are images from Jonathan's recent session - mostly studio, but some outdoor shots too. 
Jonathan is a nice kid, and I'm going to forgive him for being a Penguins fan. 
This time we'll start with the collage and you can scroll down and see some additional images.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Abbey's little sis

You may remember images of Abbey from recent and not so recent posts. My all-time favorite is the one of her in the little tub. Well, Abbey has a little sister now and she is equally cute.:)Here are some favorites, including a few with big sis.

Down on the farm

We originally planned to do these portraits in a local park, but Colleen (mom) decided on something much more meaningful. We shot these images on the farm just down the road from their house. It's the house where dad grew up - is that cool, or what?

Something else I'm very excited about, is a new feature available in the software I use to present my images. The way it works, you take a digital photo of the place or places that you are considering hanging your portraits and email them to me. Also, measure something within each image and provide that info too.
I can import the image in my presentation program, calibrate using the measurement you've provided, and then bring your favorite images in and show them displayed on your wall, scaled to their actual size. Look at the image at the bottom and you can see how it looks. In this case, I didn't add a frame because they chose a gallery wrap canvas.