Friday, December 17, 2010

Alex's Senior Portraits; Delaware senior photography at the studio, the beach, Felton F.D...

We really did hit a lot of places with Alex's session. He was into it, and it shows - that' always a good thing. Alex has a lot of interests and I tried to capture as much as possible. Senior portraits really should reflect those interests/hobbies. It's a glimpse of who they are and maybe who they will become. At any rate, it's more fun to have your portrait taken in a swimming pool. :)

A girl and her dog ( children and pet photography in Delaware)

These are some of the favorites from Abby and Jake's portrait session. Jake is a very special dog and helped Abby get through some tough times. Nothing but blue skies ahead now. I don't do too many studio sessions with pets. Let's just say I've been burned before and leave it at that. :)
Jake was very well behaved, attentive, and most importantly - "potty trained". Abby now has a 16x16" soft wrap print in her bedroom. I liked it so much, I have one as a sample in my office.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Norah and Jon: ( engagement session photography at the beach in Delaware )

Another awesome beach engagement session, and at the same time...painful reminder of how behind I am with my blogging. I photographed Norah and Jon's wedding last month! Those images and the show will be up soon, but for now, let's enjoy a nice day at the beach. :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Danielle and Luke's New Jersey Wedding

These images are from my Nephew Luke's wedding. Luke and Danielle were married in New Jersey back in October. Thankfully, I was much quicker getting their show together and their images to them then I was about bringing them to the blog. Beautiful day for a wedding, and a beautiful wedding. Want to see more? Just click the title at the top and enjoy!