Monday, January 21, 2008

Precious baby portraits

These are some of my favorites from a recent in-home session. The first one is an example of creative drive overcoming the less important need for sleep. :)
I wanted it to have a nostalgic feel - something like an old-time photo card sent to a far-away family member. 

Orphan Brides

It sounds so sad...and it is.

This new phrase is catching on in the wedding photography industry. What's it all about, you ask?

It's an amusing phrase for what actually is an unfortunate situation. As more and more "shoot and burn" photographers continue to saturate the wedding photography market, they have left many a bride wondering what to do next regarding their wedding album.

Today's wedding albums offer so many options with regard to cover materials, style of design and other custom features. But, the photographers whose services are limited to photographing the event, handing a cd/dvd of the raw images to the client and walking away are doing them a major disservice.

There simply is no substitute for a well-designed, custom wedding album.

So, I am here to reach out to all you orphans, and tell you...there is hope! I've added album design services for clients where I did not do the photography. I will only do this when a release from the original photographer is provided.

If you are interested in more info., leave a comment here, or email to: