Friday, December 17, 2010

Alex's Senior Portraits; Delaware senior photography at the studio, the beach, Felton F.D...

We really did hit a lot of places with Alex's session. He was into it, and it shows - that' always a good thing. Alex has a lot of interests and I tried to capture as much as possible. Senior portraits really should reflect those interests/hobbies. It's a glimpse of who they are and maybe who they will become. At any rate, it's more fun to have your portrait taken in a swimming pool. :)

A girl and her dog ( children and pet photography in Delaware)

These are some of the favorites from Abby and Jake's portrait session. Jake is a very special dog and helped Abby get through some tough times. Nothing but blue skies ahead now. I don't do too many studio sessions with pets. Let's just say I've been burned before and leave it at that. :)
Jake was very well behaved, attentive, and most importantly - "potty trained". Abby now has a 16x16" soft wrap print in her bedroom. I liked it so much, I have one as a sample in my office.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Norah and Jon: ( engagement session photography at the beach in Delaware )

Another awesome beach engagement session, and at the same time...painful reminder of how behind I am with my blogging. I photographed Norah and Jon's wedding last month! Those images and the show will be up soon, but for now, let's enjoy a nice day at the beach. :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Danielle and Luke's New Jersey Wedding

These images are from my Nephew Luke's wedding. Luke and Danielle were married in New Jersey back in October. Thankfully, I was much quicker getting their show together and their images to them then I was about bringing them to the blog. Beautiful day for a wedding, and a beautiful wedding. Want to see more? Just click the title at the top and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've been published! Dover Post's White Lace & Promises bridal guide

This annual guide for brides is a great local resource for planning Delaware weddings. It's mostly focused on Kent County, but with Delaware as small as it is, it includes vendors from all over DE. I've had an ad in each issue for years, but this year I opted not to. I did however submit a few images from each wedding I shot that took place in Delaware. It used to be that just the married couple could submit to the different categories (most humorous, romantic, and etc.). I'm not sure when that changed, but now photographers can also submit images. This year...I hit'm hard! It paid off, as my work is heavily represented (starting with the cover shot). I don't mean to brag, but...well, maybe just a little. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Katie and Gary's Wedding Day: Delaware wedding photography at Dover Downs

I photographed Katie and Gary earlier this summer for their engagement session and I knew then that they'd be great to work with on the wedding day. I was right. :)
Super easy-going and laid back and a pleasure to spend the (big) day with. These are a just a few of my favorites from Saturday, with many more in the show at the bottom of the post. The ceremony was at the historic Wesley United Methodist Church in Dover. All of the guests were given candles, and after the bride and groom lit the unity candle, they in turn lit the parents' candles and it went row by row from there. Very symbolic and very cool.
Reception was at Dover Downs.

See it larger here: Katie and Gary's Wedding