Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Amber and Mike's engagement session

I first met Amber and Mike at Mike's sister's wedding. It's always gratifying when I book a wedding as the result of a previous wedding. I look at it from the perspective of - you liked my approach, you liked my images, and in this case...your sister said nice things about me too. :)
This was my first trip to beautiful and historic Winterthur
and it really did provide some nice locations for the session. Take a look..

Monday, May 28, 2007

Old friends and more new image treatments

Well, technically they aren't "old", but I've known Tom and Christine (Mom and Dad) for quite a few years now. I photographed their wedding and we've been friends ever since. The last time I photographed the kids, it was a day in the park with the family.
We got great images that day, but this time we aimed for something a little more formal. These are canvas wraps going up as a wall arrangement.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

New clients and their newest gift

I love it when people call to inquire about newborn photography. The fact that they are calling and in most instances have already been to my website tells me that they appreciate what a special time this is. Also, they appreciate the difference between department store snapshots and art.
I'm not here to bash these studios or anyone that uses them. They fill a need, but I don't think their business model allows for spending much time with their clients, advising them on clothing choices, or custom-designing composites like this one.

Anna and Tom's wedding

I really haven't kept up with the blogging as was my original plan, but I will make up for that over the next day or so. I'm starting with some images from Anna and Tom's wedding. Instead of having a separate link for the slideshow as I've done in the past, this time it is the title of this post. So, after you've scrolled down to view these images, scroll back up and CLICK THE POST HEADING ("ANNA AND TOM'S WEDDING") TO GO TO THEIR SLIDESHOW.
Ceremony: Holy Cross in Dover

Reception: Sheraton Dover Hotel